A woman who was found with methamphetamine following her arrest for driving under the influence accepted a plea agreement and was sentenced to probation Tuesday in Washington County District Court.

Lisa L. Griffin, 44, pleaded no contest to the amended charges of attempted possession of a controlled substance, a Class 1 misdemeanor; and DUI-first offense, a Class W misdemeanor.

Griffin waived her right to a presentence investigation to move directly to sentencing.

Judge John E. Samson told Griffin she would also have to submit to a drug test. Griffin told the judge she hadn't used meth for more than a year.

“When was the last time you used alcohol?”

Sunday, she said.

“It's going to show up on your test,” he said. “Is it going to show anything else?”

“No sir,” Griffin said.

Griffin's attorney, Nathan Lab of Omaha, said he understood the concern about his client's alcohol use, but, he said, she was willing to comply with the terms of probation, which include not using drugs or alcohol.

Griffin declined to comment further.

Samson sentenced Griffin to 12 months probation, $1,500 in fines and a 60-day license revocation. Griffin is eligible to apply for an ignition interlock permit.

Griffin was arrested Dec. 6 following a traffic stop for running a red light at 16th and Washington streets. An officer reported Griffin smelled of alcohol. She failed a field sobriety test. A Datamaster breath test showed Griffin's blood alcohol content was 0.126; the legal limit is 0.08.

During a search of Griffin's vehicle, a small rolled up piece of paper towel with a crystal substance inside was found in the center cup console. The substance tested positive for meth.

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