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Construction crews finished waterproofing the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center last week.

Weather proofing for maximum security area on the main level of the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center was completed just in time for last week's snow and rain.

Jared Schleifer, project manager for Weitz, told the Washington County Board of Supervisors during its Nov. 26 meeting that weather and water proofing was completed Nov. 25, one day before snow and rain hit the county.

"It's good news to have the water proofing done," Schleifer said. "If they wouldn't have finished that, we would have been in big trouble."

He said, however, that pushes a lot of construction steps on top of one another. Snow and rain kept crews from completing work related to high ground water issues in the lower area of the justice center.

"We had two (concrete) pours back-to-back that were set up," for last week, Schleifer said.

The pours would have prepared the structure for the return of Moen Steel Erection of Omaha to begin work on the hollow-core roof heading west to east on the structure. Moen Steel still planned to complete some work Dec. 2, but not all of the hollow-core could be installed because of ground water issues that needed to be fixed.

"We'll have to leave a couple pieces of hollow-core out, so that we can get a pump down into areas where we need to pour slabs," Schleifer said.

Though some work is backed up, drywall finishes in the sheriff's office and courtroom areas were nearly complete. Temporary windows were also installed in those areas to keep weather out, and permanent windows are ready for gradual installment. With the windows put in, Schleifer said crews will be able to work inside without weather being an issue.

After hearing an update on the justice center, the board of supervisors also approved furniture and storage costs for the sheriff's office and jail.

The board approved the purchase of $147,000 for furniture. Supervisor Jay Anderson, District 5-Blair, said the cost was much less than anticipated. He said the total cost of furniture for the justice center was expected to be $350,000. Only the courtroom and periphery areas have furniture left to purchase.

"That's going to come in way less, too," Anderson said. "We'll be under that $350,000 by a considerable amount."

Sheriff Mike Robinson said the sheriff's office and jail's old furniture is planned for auction.

The board also approved purchasing storage materials from Midwest Storage Solutions for $140,000. The storage is for the sheriff's office and jail, such as for the locker and evidence rooms. The estimated cost was between $165,000 and $170,000.

"Our soft costs are just about done," Anderson said.

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