Music Booster Soup Supper

A long line of people wait for soup at the annual Arlington Music Boosters soup supper Monday at Arlington Public Schools.

Music is an important part of people's lives. Students involved in music at Arlington Public Schools are supported by the Arlington Music Boosters. The boosters sponsored their annual soup supper Monday. Guests were treated to musical performances, as well as chicken noodle soup and chili, celery, carrots, crackers and dessert. Students helped refill drinks and sides.

The concert featured elementary bands, middle school band, high school band and jazz bands, as well as the middle and high school choirs and show choirs. The high school choir concluded the evening with a preview of the variety show. 

Music Booster Soup Supper

The middle school band performs at the Music Boosters soup supper Monday. They are directed by student teacher Jennifer Fees.

Guests had the opportunity to win raffle prizes, as well.

The music students were supported by several family and friends throughout the evening.

"Music and art is important for their ability to be a team and shows them their confidence," April Lucas said. "My daughter has really bloomed since she has been in the choir."

Student MacKinzey Jurey appreciated the support.

"It's nice to have people here to hear all the hard work you put into the piece and it's fun to perform," she said.

Bonnie Jensen's grandchildren are in the music program.

"Music gives them an opportunity to become more well rounded and develop their talents," Jensen said.

For some, the concert brings back memories. Ryan Tighe said he was in the school band in the 1990s and now his children participate.

Music Booster Soup Supper

The high school choir at Arlington Public Schools prepares to perform at the annual Arlington Music Boosters soup supper Monday.

"It shapes them to think differently," he said.

This year's fundraiser will raise money for the general fund, which is used for teacher grants, scholarships and other items that the teachers may ask for. Other funds go into the student accounts which can be used for music-related things. This includes paying for band instruments, show choir costumes or the music trip. The AHS band and choir will travel to Oklahoma City this year.

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