Fort Calhoun High School juniors Kennedy Bradburn and Kaden Therkildsen were selected to the Pinnacle Bank and Midland University Outstanding High School Leaders Luncheon held March 29. The students have the opportunity to accept $100,000 worth of scholarships over four years if they attend Midland.

FCHS juniors receive $100,000 scholarships

Fort Calhoun High School (FCHS) junior Kennedy Bradburn thinks it's “awesome” others see her and fellow classmate Kaden Therkildsen as leaders.

"It's really nice to think that other people see you as a leader because it doesn't always feel like that," she said.

Bradburn and Therkildsen were selected to the 13th annual Pinnacle Bank and Midland University Outstanding High School Leaders Luncheon held on March 29 on the Midland University Fremont campus.

The luncheon honored 50 high school juniors from 17 area high schools for demonstrating exceptional leadership qualities, and the selection comes with $100,000 worth of scholarship money over four years should the students attend Midland.

High School Principal Jerry Green said he gets input from teachers on who would be good students to nominate for the honor.

"They fill out their application ... Pinnacle and Midland make their choices, I don't have anything to do with it," Green said.

Part of the application includes filling out a questionnaire describing what makes a leader.

"What it means to be a leader, and what qualities and such," Bradburn said. "And Mr. Green wrote us a recommendation, too."

Bradburn and Therkildsen, who are both junior class officers, said they aren't sure where they will attend school yet, but Midland is definitely a consideration.

"With that scholarship, Midland's one of the top two, but I don't know just yet," Therkildsen said. "We still got another year to figure things out."

Through their senior year at FCHS, Bradburn and Therkildsen are sure to continue playing sports, participating in clubs and volunteering for outside-of-school events like the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church's annual fish fry.

After high school, Bradburn said she's considering a career in elementary education while Therkildsen wants to become a physical therapist.

"Back in seventh grade, I had an accident, and my physical therapist I went to, he was amazing and had a big impact on my life," Therkildsen said. "I wanted to do that for other people."

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