Senior Wyatt Wollberg was busy in athletics his four years at Arlington High School.

“I've kind of done almost everything,” the Eagle said earlier this month.

As a 12th-grader, Wollberg competed in cross-country and was to turn in scorecards at Fremont Golf Club this spring before the season was canceled due to COVID-19. Before that, though, he participated on several other teams as well, including the first Fremont/Arlington swim team as a junior.

“Football for a month or two (as well), but I don't count that,” he said.

Wollberg gave each sport a shot, gauging his interests. His senior year was different, however.

“I did what I wanted to do,” he said.

Cross-country was enjoyable because of the people the Arlington senior ran alongside. He specifically noted working with and watching classmate Noah Kubat through his success.

Golf allowed the same opportunity.

“It's just fun to get out there with my friends,” Wollberg said.

The senior added that his own golf game is “semi-decent.” Last fall, he notched his best-ever time during the cross-country team's time trials, too.

Now, though, Wollberg has already began working toward his future. He plans to attend Northeast Community College in Norfolk, but is already working for a company that will benefit him in his trade studies. It's been good to his banking account as well.

“That's been nice for me,” the AHS senior said.

So, while Wollberg is disappointed he wasn't able to spend his spring with his friends on the golf course, he knows he doesn't have to put the clubs down for good.

“Still have time to golf,” he said.

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