Kaitlyn Neligh Woodbine, senior

High School Senior Reflections – Class of 2020

Name: Kaitlyn Neligh, Woodbine.

Parents: Rob and Bev Neligh

Siblings (age, grade): Kylie (14, eighth grade), Kassidy (10, fourth grade).

High School Activities, Participation years:  Key Club, three years.

You completed the first semester of your senior year, what were you looking forward to in the second semester? Enjoying my final semester at Woodbine High School.


Besides the classes, what was your favorite part of high school? Seeing all my friends.



What are you going to miss the most about walking the school hallways? Seeing all my friends.

High School Sports, Participation years:  Golf, one year; drill team, one year; track, one year; cross country, one year.  I also participated with the Denison Stingrays winter swim team for four years.  I made it to both regionals and state all four years, and earned a state championship in the butterfly in 2019.

What spring sports were you planning to be out for? Golf, summer swim team.

How many years have you been out? Second year for golf, been on the swim team since age 11.

What is your best high school sports memory? Teasing our golf coach, Mr. Marshall, and having fun with Shannon Hopkins and Savannah Marshall.

About Kaitlyn Neligh

Favorite movie: After.

Favorite food, drink: Orange chicken from Panda Express, water.


Favorite In-School hobby: Looking forward to having a “free day.”

Favorite Out-of-School hobby: Driving around with friends.

Favorite music (type, group or song): Don’t have a favorite type, I listen to them all.

Favorite form of Social Media: Snapchat.

Favorite sports movie: Forever Strong.

Favorite sports drink: Body Armour.

Favorite college sports team: Nebraska Huskers.

Favorite pro sports team: Kansas City Chiefs.

Favorite school subject: Science, math.

Favorite school teacher: Mrs. Cox, Mr. Coenen, Mrs. Drenth, Mr. Marshall.

What skill do you wish you had that you don’t? Wish I had some coordination.

Who is your favorite high school teacher? If you could say anything to him/her, what would it be? To all my teachers and coaches - thanks for preparing me for college and caring.

What is your favorite teacher’s most frequent line, phrase? My golf coach, Mr. Marshall – Be the Ball.

What was your reaction when you heard second semester, school year had been cancelled? Kind of sad that I would never get to go back into that school again, not how I imagined it.

What has been your favorite high school memory? Being part of several high school activities.

What has been your favorite high school sports memory? Joking around at the golf meets.

Do you have any advice to underclassmen? Don’t take high school for granted, as it goes by so much faster than you think.

What are your plans after high school?  Going to Iowa Western for exercise science.

High School Senior, COVID-19 (in 2020)  --  What is your take and outlook of this development, with the health and safety of family?  How will this affect you and your class moving forward?

It was a fun ride, but we will never be together again. We have memories, but missed the final part of our senior year, like class day, senior breakfast, skip day, etc. A sad way to end, but we’re moving onto the next phase of our lives.

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