Brock Leaders Woodbine, senior

High School Senior Reflections – Class of 2020

Name: Brock Leaders, Woodbine.

Parents: Matt and Becky Leaders.

Siblings (age, grade): Reese (12, sixth grade), Blaine (10, fourth grade).

You completed the first semester of your senior year, what were you looking forward to in the second semester? After completing the first semester of my senior year, I wanted to try and get better in the classroom and hopefully avoid or not getting hit as hard by “seniorites.” Along with academic improvement, I was hoping to accomplish big things in basketball and track. Football didn’t quite play out the way we wanted, so to me, basketball and track were the best way to put that dream of a ‘dominant senior season’ back on track.


Besides the classes, what was your favorite part of high school? I enjoyed seeing my friends in the halls, but my absolute favorite was sports. I loved practices and competitions because I got to spend more time with my friends doing something I really liked. The bond I was able to create with those guys is unforgettable.


What are you going to miss the most about walking the school hallways? I’m going to miss seeing my friends in the halls. I spent a lot of time just talking to people in the halls. It’s a great break from learning. I wil also miss talking to Mr. Kolpin and Mr. Coenen. They’re just like my friends. I was able to have serious conversations with them, as well as joke with them.

High School Sports, Participation years:  Football, four years, senior captain, four-year letterwinner, co-offensive most valuable player, second team all-district, Des Moines Register, 8-Man All-Iowa team; basketball, four-years, senior captain, three-year letterwinner, defensive MVP; track and field, three-years, three year letterwinner, baseball, one year.

What spring sport were you planning on participating? Track.

How many years have you been out? Three years.

What is your best high school sports memory? I have two memories that will stick with me forever.

1) The first story took place my junior year of football. Woodbine was set to take on undefeated Exira/Elk Horn-Kimballton with numerous weapons across the board. The odds were against us, but we didn’t back down. I remember we were down with with a couple minutes remaining on the clock. I was on the sideline riding the stationary bike because I had dealt with a hamstring injury all season and needed to keep my legs warm if we’d get the ball back and have another chance. We were on defense, and it was fourth down and short yardage. Clay Kuhlman and Connor Sullivan get a sack on the Spartan quarterback on our sideine.  I hopped off that bike so fast, I was thinking “Is this real? Are we really getting a chance to take this team down?”. Wyatt Pryor then connects with Colby Anderson over the middle for a large gain. A spike stops the clock with very little time remaining. We had a play inserted that week that we would use as a last resort if we got into a situation where we needed an explosive play. The name was very ironic, but is not something I will share because the team still uses it. According to Wyatt, he looked for Colby first, but he slipped on his route, so I was his second read. As the ball was coming into my hands, time slowed down. If I catch this pass, we win the game. I caught the game-winning pass in the end zone and I turned to Layne Pryor who was to my right and we were going crazy. I will never forget the feeling and how we ruined Exira/EHK’s perfect season.

2) The second story took place during my senior season of basketball. Woodbine just came off a hot win against Logan-Magnolia in the district tournament, and we were finally set to take down Boyer Valley. They destroyed us the two times we faced off during the regular season, but we had a weapon return to our line-up – Layne Pryor.  The game was back and forth, very physical, and the score was tied at 39 with just 18 seconds left on the game clock. BV had the final possession, and we knew who they wanted to take the final shot. We played picture perfect defense, and the Bulldogs offense didn’t get the look they wanted. BV ran their point guard off of a screen which works most of the time. But Wyatt Pryor has a sneaky trick he does when he’s behind the ball handler. Wyatt reached around and tapped the ball out from behind. The ball hits me in the face, and I bobbled the ball once or twice, and tapped it to Layne Pryor, who throws a pass down court to Wyatt. Time slows down as Wyatt gathers to finish his game-winning lay-up. I wasn’t sure if he was going to get it off in time. He sinks the layup as the buzzer sounded, and the crowd goes absolutely insane.

About Brock Leaders

Favorite movie: Napoleon Dynomite.


Favorite In-School hobby: Messing around with friends.

Favorite Out-of-School hobby: Hanging out.

Favorite music (type, group or song): Rap.

Favorite form of Social Media: Snapchat.

Favorite sports movie: Greater.

Favorite sports drink: Gatorade.

Favorite pre-game meal: Chicken Alfredo.

Pre-game, pre-meet rituals: The Lord’s Prayer.

Favorite college sports team: Iowa Hawkeyes.

Favorite pro sports team: Green Bay Packers, Oklahoma City Thunder.

Favorite school subject: Anatomy.

Favorite school teacher: Mr. Coenen.

Who is your biggest role model, why? My Grandpa Jim or as I call him, papa. A little known fact about him was that he was a college athlete at Tarkio College. He participated in both track and basketball. The college was shut down years ago, but since the day he told me, I haven’t forgotten that name and I never will. He is my biggest role model because he set an example for what kind of man I want to be. He’s very loving, full of knowledge, strict when needed, good sense of humor, and has a very kind soul. He has taught me so many things in both sports and different aspects of life. He is also responsible for a lot of my knowledge about tractors. I’m not 100 percent sure all of this will make paper, especially this line, but I want you and Grandma Dee to know I love you both very much. Thank you for everything you two do.

What skill do you wish you had that you don’t?  I don’t really wish I had any other skills than what I have. This isn’t me being arrogant or saying my skills are amazing, I just wouldn’t change anything. I’m OK with the skills I have. I guess if I had one wish, it would be to have better leadership skills. I tend to set back and let other people control the situation, and I go with the flow.

Who is your favorite high school teacher? If you could say anything to him/her, what would it be? Mr. Coenen. If I could say anything to him, it would be thank you. Your lessons in the classroom and on the competitive surface helped shape me to who I am today. If I needed help with homework, football, track, or something going on in my personal life, you were always there to listen.

What is your favorite teachers’ most frequent line, phrase? Practice, than repractice.

What was your reaction when you heard second semester, school year had been cancelled? I was struck by an early case of reality. I couldn’t believe I had my last day of school already, and didn’t realize it.

What has been your favorite high school memory? I can’t name one specific one, because there are so many.

Do you have any advice to underclassmen? Don’t take time for granted. It does go by faster than you think.  I feel like I was a freshman a few days ago, and I’m suppose to graduate this month.

What are your plans after high school?  I am attending the University of Iowa, majoring in Health and Human Physiology (exercise science).

What changes were made to your high school graduation party? Still to be determined.

High School Senior, COVID-19 (in 2020)  --  What is your take and outlook of this development, with the health and safety of family?  How will this affect you and your class moving forward?

It was a shock to the system at first, but our class is very strong willed and we’re not going to let it get us down.  We’ve came this far together, and we’ll keep making adjustments as we move on.  It will be a year to remember, for sure.

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