Scarecrow Contest

A headless scarecrow outside of the Craig Heuton, Edward Jones Financial Advisor office. The display was an entry in the 2019 scarecrow contest hosted by the then-Blair Area Chamber of Commerce.

The scarecrows are coming! The scarecrows are coming!

The Washington County Chamber of Commerce's eighth annual scarecrow contest is coming Oct. 1 and businesses will be decorating their front windows or outside their businesses with straw-stuffed creations.

"We will only be doing the voting via the 2020 Scarecrow album on the Chamber Facebook page," Chamber Executive Director Jordan Rishel said. "People will need to go on there and like their favorite scarecrow pictures." 

Rishel said the Chamber is hoping to have its best participation ever this year.

"We feel like this would be a great activity for people to be able to do," she said. "Drive around Washington County or even drive by the other Chamber businesses outside of Washington County to view their scarecrows, for a safe and fun activity."

The theme this year is flexible.

"In the past, we have gone with the theme from Gateway to the West or asked people to do something that represents their business, so this year we are simply asking businesses to do whatever they want with their scarecrow," she said. "Have fun, be creative, make people smile and let’s spread some happiness."

The scarecrows will be displayed through the end of October. The contest is open to any and all businesses. The winners will receive a free one-month banner on the Chamber website and a traveling trophy.

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