By the end of the Blair Family YMCA Color Run on Saturday morning, folks were covered from head-to-toe in every color of the rainbow.

Before, though, they were optimistic in white T-shirts with “Gateway to the West” printed on them.

“I'm in OK shape,” Tyler Schroder, 15, said with one caveat. “I haven't trained much recently.”

Of his friends, he joked that Ryan Ray was the least likely to finish the race.

“I'm throwing color,” Ray explained.

A large number of families also participated in the event.

“I want to get full of color,” youngster Brooklyn Schroeter, 10, said. “And I want to run with my family.”

But in every family unit somebody has to finish last.

“Mom,” Schroeter said, sheepishly, to her mother's laughter.

“I have been injured, but I don't think so,” Brenda Schroeter noted.

The runners were sprayed with a hose by Blair Fire and Rescue at Stemmermann Park before Blair Police escorted them along North 10th Street. Every half-mile or so, the runners ran into a color station where volunteers through cups of colorful powder onto their wet clothes and skin.

At the end of the race, the whole group of runners got together and threw color up into the air for a photographic moment.

Color Run

Runners celebrate finishing Saturday's Blair Family YMCA Color Run at Stemmermann Park.

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