The 2019 Fort Calhoun High School homecoming court. Left to right: Kinsley Wimer, Westin Nottleman, princess Kenndy Bradburn, queen Maggie Theisen, king Adam Bannister, prince Kaden Therkildsen, Tyler Strauss and Grant Halford. Banner holders left to right: Ethan Taylor, Willow Frievald, Cara Caruso, Carter Johnson, Braxton Boudle and Jax Schleifer.

A boom of cheers and applause erupted in the Fort Calhoun High School (FCHS) gym early Friday afternoon as senior Adam Bannister was named FCHS 2019 homecoming king.

Alongside Bannister, Maggie Theisen was named homecoming queen at a pep rally, which offered a chance for students and residents to show their Pioneer spirit before the night's football game against D.C. West.

Other homecoming queen candidates were Kinsley Wimer, Westin Nottleman and Kennedy Bradburn. Other homecoming king candidates were Grant Halford, Tyler Strauss and Kaden Therkildsen. Bradburn and Therkildsen were crowned princess and prince.

The Friday pep rally, which took the place of a weather canceled homecoming parade, was a cap on a week of school spirit. On Monday, students and teachers dressed up with their peers in "twinning" outfits. Monday was followed by Tik Tok Tuesday where students dressed as their favorite trend seen on the social media app.


Fort Calhoun Elementary students watch and clap along with Fort Calhoun High School cheerleaders during a pep rally held Friday afternoon before the night's homecoming football game.

Weird flexes were the theme for Wednesday where students wore their most unusual outfit. Thursday was team day, which offered students a chance to wear the colors of their favorite sports team before showing up in Pioneer gear Friday.

A homecoming dance followed the football game Friday night.

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