New Fort Calhoun High School basketball coach Marty Plum had his Pioneers reattempt a shooting drill Tuesday during the second day of a grades 7-12 camp.

The girls team hadn't met its goal of makes during the 5-minute drill, which meant it would have to before the coach was willing to move on.

“What we've asked the kids to do is to invest in basketball at a championship level,” Plum said before the session. “Before you can win a championship you have to have the work ethic of a champion, you have to have the culture of a champion.”

Transition, he said, is tough — particularly amid COVID-19 — but the coach has liked what he's seen from Fort Calhoun's players so far.

“I can't say enough about the kids,” Plum said. “They've really bought into what we've asked them to do.”

Through open gym sessions and the camp, the Pioneers have learned about the four new pillars of their program. Their coach said a positive culture, tempo control and the development of consistent shooters are three constants. The fourth pillar, meanwhile, will be specific to each new squad.

“The fourth one we have for this year's team is sureness with the ball,” Plum said. “Taking care of the basketball.”

So far, Fort Calhoun's hoopers have taken well to the new coach's approach.

“I think they can see what we're trying to build toward,” Plum said.

The former leader of Omaha Skutt girls basketball noted that his message won't change either. He plans to keep his expectations of the Pioneers simple and consistent as a new season approaches this winter.

“What we're doing on July 6 is what we're going to be doing on Dec. 6 and it's what we're going to be doing on Feb. 6,” Plum said. “They know that.”

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