Jackson Kempcke's determination to complete a full pull was evident Monday during the Washington County Fair pedal pull in Arlington.

The 8-year-old gritted his teeth and held his breath as he pedaled with all of his might. Jackson completed the full pull, illuminating the lights on the sled.

But he faced tough competition as Logan Hilgenkamp also made a full pull. The boys faced off in one final attempt with Logan coming out on top.

Area youth ages 4-12 faced off for the annual pull, which is a qualifying event for the Nebraska State Fair pedal pull. The county event is sponsored by St. Paul's Lutheran Church and School in Arlington.

The winners were:

4-year-olds — 1. Isaiah Meads; 2. Landon Fuchs; 3. Karson Depperman

5-year-olds — 1. Jace Meyer; 2. Barrett Benes; 3. Kinley Burt

6-year-olds — 1. Mason Meads; 2. Blake Wilkins; 3. Grayson Reinders

7-year-olds — 1. Mila Volpp; 2. Kerrigan Johannes; 3. Dustin Smith

8-year-olds — 1. Logan Hilgenkamp; 2. Jackson Kempcke; 3. Cody Peterson

9-year-olds — 1. Maxwell Volpp; 2. Oliver Wilcox; 3. Kendra Robinson

10-year-olds — 1. Hannah Handcock; 2. Trenton Mohr; 3. Bella Wilcox

11-year-olds — 1. Addison Warner; 2. Brooklyn Buck; 3. Eliza Finken

12-year-olds — 1. Cooper Kahlandt; 2. Oliver Ladehoff; 3. Micah Schank

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