MCH Rummage sale

Judy Demming looks over a figurine in the notions department the MCH Rummage sale Thursday in Arlington.

Spring flooding at the Washington County Fairgrounds may have destroyed their tables, clothing racks and other supplies, but organizers of the annual Memorial Community Hospital Auxiliary Rummage Sale say the show will go on.

The 62nd annual sale will be Sept. 19-22 at the Washington County Fairgrounds.

"The set up might look a little different, but it will go off as usual," said MCH Auxiliary Closet Manager Kim Dutton, who co-chairs the event with Laura Willey.

Dutton said 50 tables, 50 clothing racks and other supplies that were stored at the fairgrounds from year to year were lost during flooding in March.

Organizers are working to purchase replacement tables and they have someone who is building new racks, Dutton said. Additionally, wire hangers were purchased and a donation drive was held. While Dutton said they have enough hangers, anyone wanting to donate wire ones can do so at the store.

Monetary donations to help with the purchase of new tables are welcome, Dutton said, adding there may be opportunities for individuals or sponsors to donate toward the purchase of a table and have their name put on a table.

In addition to monetary donations, Dutton said donations of plastic tubs with lids are welcome.

Anyone wanting to make a donation can contact Dutton at the MCH Auxiliary Closet, 402-426-2030.

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