Plans for the Omaha Police Department (OPD) Air Support Unit to move to the Blair Municipal Airport are on hold pending the approval of a lease by the Omaha City Council.

The Blair Airport Authority received six bids for improvements to a hangar, which would house OPD's helicopter Able-1. The board voted to place those on file until they receive the go-ahead from OPD.

The bids, which ranged from $1,062,000 to $1,162,200, included an alternate bid to provide a fire sprinkler system in the building.

“(Bids were) fairly tight. It was a good bidding climate,” Blair City Administrator and Airport Manger Rod Storm said.

ConStruct, Inc. of Omaha had the lowest bid.

Storm said OPD has “every intention” of moving forward with the project, which would include the sprinkler system.

“But they cannot give us a commitment at 100 percent until Oct. 30,” he said. “The Omaha City Council has to approve the lease before they can make the final commitment.”

Storm is hopeful that the airport authority could have some direction from OPD by the board's Oct. 16 meeting, which would allow the board to authorize Chairman Geary Combs to execute the agreements subject to the Omaha City Council's final approval of the lease. Omaha City Council will likely need to approve the lease on three readings, beginning with its Oct. 9 meeting, Storm said.

The delay in moving forward could push back the projected completion date for the hangar improvements, which was set for April 15.

Bids for hangar improvements for OPD

Bidder                   Lump sum bid             Bid alternate          Total

ConStruct, Inc.       $616,000                    $446,000              $1,062,000

DR Anderson          $641,000                    $455,000              $1,096,000

Rife Construction    $644,970                    $464,000              $1,108,970

Prairie Construction $661,000                   $515,000              $1,176,000

Midwest DCM          $665,000                   $455,348              $1,120,348

Eriksen Construction $688,000                  $474,200              $1,162,200

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