Hawkeyes, Tigers and Bulldogs selected to RVC honor teams

By Matt Gengler


Several diamond gems received post-season honors as the 2020 Rolling Valley All-Conference teams were released late last week.

Five Hawkeyes, two Bulldogs, two Tigers honored

A total of 10 area players were honored on either the first or second team

Woodbine’s Layne Pryor and Cory Bantam, West Harrison’s Mason King and Nick Rife, and Boyer Valley’s Kyle Hast were first team selections from the area.

West Harrison’s Grant Gilgen, Sage Evans, and Tyler Melby, and Boyer Valley’s Jesse Soma were second team selections.

Gloving honorable mention status include West Harrison’s Colby Neill and Cody Radil; Woodbine’s Cody Brunow, Erik Gau, and Caleb Wakehouse; and Boyer Valley’s Dylan Berens, and Hunter Soma.

2020 Rolling Valley All-Conference Honor Teams


2020 RVC Baseball – Final Standings

*CAM            6-0            15-3

Coon Rapids-Bayard            5-2            13-5

West Harrison            5-2            8-4

Woodbine            4-2            5-3           

Boyer Valley            4-3            6-5

Glidden-Ralston            2-5            2-9

Exira/EHK            1-6            3-12

Ar-We-Va            0-7            0-9

*2020 RVC Regular Season champions

2020 Rolling Valley All-Conference Baseball Teams


Pitchers: Cade Ticknor (C-A-M, soph.); Quentin Culbertson (Coon Rapids-Bayard, jr.).

Catcher: Kolby Nelsen (C-A-M, sr.).

Infield: Layne Pryor (Woodbine, jr.); Cory Bantam (Woodbine, soph.); Colby Rich (C-A-M, soph.); Lane Spieker (C-A-M, soph.); Mason King (West Harrison, fr.).

Outfield: Nick Rife (West Harrison, sr.); Peyton Clipperton (Coon Rapids-Bayard, sr.); Joe Kauffman (C-A-M, soph.).

Utility: Ben Tibken (C-A-M, sr.); Kyle Hast (Boyer Valley, sr.); Grant Borkowski (Glidden-Ralston, sr.).


Pitchers: Kade Schlepp (Coon Rapids-Bayard, sr.); Jesse Soma (Boyer Valley, jr.).

Catcher: Will Ragaller (Ar-We-Va, soph.).

Infield: Damon Ehlers (Ar-We-Va, sr.); Grant Gilgen (West Harrison, jr.); Tyler Petersen (Exira/EHK, jr.); Nate Hensley (C-A-M, sr.).

Outfield: Jalen Rosenbeck (Coon Rapids-Bayard, sr.); Jacob Holste (C-A-M, sr.); Sage Evans (West Harrison, fr.).

Utility: Tyler Melby (West Harrison, sr.); Aaron McAlister (Coon Rapids-Bayard, jr.).

Area Honorable Mentions

Boyer Valley: Hunter Soma (sr.), Dylan Berens (sr.).

West Harrison: Cody Radil (sr.), Colby Neill (sr.).

Woodbine: Cody Brunow (soph.), Erik Gau (jr.), Caleb Wakehouse (jr.).


Four Hawkeyes, two Tigers earn RVC honors

A total of six area players earned spots on the first two Rolling Valley All-Conference softball teams.

West Harrison’s Chloe Gilgen, Emily McIntosh, and Haley Koch, and Woodbine’s Alex Niedermyer were first team selections.

West Harrison’s Haliegh Rife and Woodbine’s Grace Moores were second team choices.

Woodbine’s Alexa Steinkuehler and Jordan Butrick, West Harrison’s Sabrina Rife and Katie Gore, and Boyer Valley’s Kylie Petersen and Leah Cooper earned honorable mention status.


2020 RVC Softball – Final Standings

*Exira/EHK            8-0            15-1

West Harrison            7-1            13-7

Woodbine            6-2            8-9

CAM            4-3            12-7

Glidden-Ralston            3-5            5-9

Boyer Valley            3-5            3-7

Coon Rapids-Bayard            2-6            3-16

Whiting            1-7            2-12

Ar-We-Va            1-7            1-11

*2020 RVC Regular Season champions

2020 Rolling Valley All-Conference Softball Teams


Pitchers: Emily McIntosh (West Harrison, jr.); Macy Emgarten (Exira/EHK, soph.).

Catcher: Hannah Kraus (Ar-We-Va, jr.).

Infield: Shay Burmeister (Exira/EHK, fr.); Kami Waymire (Exira/EHK, sr.); Grace Kauffmann (C-A-M, sr.); Talia Schon (Glidden-Ralston, sr.).

Outfield: Alex Niedermyer (Woodbine, sr.); Chloe Gilgen (West Harrison, sr.); Allison Spieker (C-A-M, sr.).

Utility: Marissa Spieker (C-A-M, soph.); Haley Koch (West Harrison, jr.).


Pitchers: Helen Riker (C-A-M, soph.); Cora McAlister (Coon Rapids-Bayard, sr.).

Catcher: Jozey Gump (Glidden-Ralston, sr.).

Infield: Lexie Davis (Coon Rapids-Bayard, sr.); Haliegh Rife (West Harrison, jr.); Maddie Holtz (C-A-M, soph.); Sara Schurke (Ar-We-Va, jr.).

Outfield: Grace Moores (Woodbine, jr.); Macy Snyder (Glidden-Ralston, soph.); Alisa Partridge (Exira/EHK, soph.).

Utility: Jadeyn Smith (Ar-We-Va, jr.); Quinn Grubbs (Exira/EHK, fr.).

Area Honorable Mentions

Boyer Valley: Kylie Petersen (jr.); Leah Cooper (soph.).  

West Harrison: Sabrina Rife (sr.); Katie Gore (jr.).

Woodbine: Jordan Butrick (jr.); Alexa Steinkuehler (jr.).

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