Fitness Center Open

The Arlington Community Fitness Center opened in the former Erika's Village Spoon Restaurant offering classes and personal training.

Arlington has a new fitness center.

The Arlington Community Fitness Center, founded by Kelsea Wolfe, Stacy Nelson and Susan Dunklau, opened Feb. 3 in the former Erika's Village Spoon at Third and Eagle streets.

For the fitness lovers that are also early birds, they have the option to attend an hour-long class as early as 5:15 a.m. For others, there are evening options, too.

"There are not traditional machines inside," Wolfe said. "We are training the whole body by doing functional movement and trying to build strength."

Instead of cardio equipment in the beginning, there are kettle bells and free weights.

Wolfe said the results of combining strength and metabolic conditioning are the body composition results people want to see.

"Other health markers improve," she said. "What we care about is getting people healthy and building community."

Community building is a key aspect of the company.

"There are benefits of group training," she said. "You get to know people, there's a built-in accountability. You learn to enjoy the process and the journey."

People may have concerns about signing up for a membership without knowing what they are getting into.

"I encourage people to try a class for free to get an understanding of what it's like," Wolfe said.

Fitness Center Open

The former Erika's Village Spoon Restaurant is now open as the Arlington Community Fitness Center, offering classes and personal training.

Home Grown Wellness will eventually move from its location at 340 W. Eagle St. into the Arlington Community Fitness Center so that everything, including their massage services, will be under one roof. That section of the building is not yet complete.

The fitness center offers adult strength and conditioning classes, as well as a power athlete class. Wolfe offers personal training, as well. Class registration and membership options are available online at

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