Cherry Hill Church is looking at the building on the right, which sits at 105 14th Street in Fort Calhoun, as its new physical location. The building was the store front for Big Green Tomato before the business moved to a new location in town. The church currently holds services, which are attended by mostly Washington County residents, in Omaha.

Fort Calhoun residents may soon see a new church on their drives along 14th Street.

The Fort Calhoun Planning Commission recommended a conditional use permit (CUP) for Cherry Hill Church to occupy a storefront space on 14th Street just south of the Longhorn Bar. The Fort Calhoun City Council still needs to approve the CUP before it becomes official.

The space was formerly occupied by Big Green Tomato, which moved to a new location in the city.

Cherry Hill Church founder Kevin Schultz said he wants the church to be about community engagement all throughout the week, not just on Sundays.

"We really are interested in being in the community and having a space where people come in and talk through the week," he said. "Stuff happens in your life all through the week, and we want to be available all week."

Schultz said the location of what looks to be the church's new space is ideal because it is a central location in town.

The church has been meeting in Omaha and has grown from seven members when it began a year and a half ago to nearly 30. Most members live in Washington County, Schultz said.

He said the church has an agreement with the Longhorn Bar to use their parking lot on Sundays and would coordinate accordingly for any events throughout the week. He added that events would likely be smaller in scale with the church being a place for small men's and women's faith groups, a place to serve coffee or a place that participates in whole-city events like Christmas in Calhoun.

"We're going to do a lot of different events," Schultz said. "A good church is open to the community."

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