The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) released its 2020 Construction Program on Tuesday, including projects planned in Washington County.

The program details transportation projects scheduled for funding over the next year and identifies those planned for construction in the following five years.

With the announcement came news that the department’s strategy for 2020 will be slightly altered due to the historic flooding of 2019.

“The Department’s 2020 Program Book looks a bit different from what communities and the

construction industry are used to,” NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis said.  “The program, which

is essentially a statewide list of asset preservation and capital improvement projects, will be a

living document, housed on our website and updated periodically.”

The 2020 Program Book will be focused on the one-year construction program and categorize

both asset preservation and capital improvement projects as either in the 2020 construction

program or as stand-by projects. 

Stand-by projects are those that the department is not able to fully commit to for letting in 2020, but anticipates opportunity and is preparing to support moving projects forward to either letting or construction dependent on cash flow.

Resurfacing projects on state Highway 91 in Blair and on U.S. Highway 75 south of Fort Calhoun are listed as stand-by projects for 2020.

When factoring in an estimated $153 million in emergency expenses, the department’s 2020

program is a record $782 million.  Notably, the 2020 list includes three capital improvement

projects that have been long awaited: the Lincoln South Beltway; Fremont Southeast Beltway;

and the Highway 83, Super 2 Frazier Creek North and South between North Platte and McCook.

“Nebraska is a pay-as-you-go state and NDOT has a longstanding philosophy of getting the

money on the road, quickly,” Schneweis said. “This suits us well, but when faced with a

$150 million plus disaster, we need a few months to cash flow recovery efforts. We are in a

good place and as federal reimbursements come through, we’ll update the construction list and

return to our regularly scheduled program.”

In addition to the 2020 program, the department also published projects in its five-year planning

program as well as capturing, by NDOT District, the investment in the system that was made

over the spring and summer of 2019 to repair flood damage.  The Districtwide Emergency

Repairs line gives the estimated dollar amount required to rebuild the federal-aid transportation


Projects in Washington County listed in the five-year planning include concrete repair on U.S. Highway 30 east of Arlington, resurfacing and bridge repair on Highway 30 southwest of Blair, traffic signals at Highway 30 and Industrial Drive in Blair, resurfacing and bridge work on Highway 75 from Blair to Herman and from Herman to Tekamah.

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