Memorial Community Hospital and Health System (MCH&HS) will be introducing an E-Hospitalist program in September.  The addition of this program will assist the current medical care team in providing an even higher level of care, while allowing patients to remain close to home.

E-Hospitalists are physicians who specialize in caring for hospitalized patients who will be responsible and dedicated to providing medical care while patients are in the hospital via a secure telemedicine network.

E-Hospitalists work closely with primary care physicians, nurses, therapists and care managers to coordinate care centered on the patient’s needs, offering an additional level of care. The E-Hospitalist does not replace the care received by a primary care physician, but instead enhances it by being available to a patient 24 hours per day, every day. The E-Hospitalist service ensures timely access to a physician at admission, during the night and anytime throughout the patient stay. 

A patient visit is accomplished through a secure network with the aid of a tele-health cart.  This cart consists of a computer monitor, camera, and special equipment that will be rolled into the patient room. The connection will allow for real time communication between the doctor, patient, and nurse. Patients are able to see and talk to the physician while a nurse is in the room to assist the physician. If family members are in the room with a patient, they too may ask questions just as if the physician was in the room with you.

“I am very excited to bring this program to Blair, in order to provide the patients at MCH&HS with a level of care that is available to patients in much larger, advanced healthcare facilities,” said Manny Wolf, MCH&HS president and CEO. It’s a benefit to patients, but it is also a resource for our current medical staff and will serve as an important resource in our future efforts to recruit additional physicians to the community.”

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