Justice center

Masons work on a wall for the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center on Thursday in Blair.

The construction crews for the new Washington County Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Center recently completed a milestone in its building.

On June 17, the slab on deck was completed.

Masons are now on site.

“You can see those guys out there now,” said Matt Cavanaugh of Weitz Company. “They're going up 12-foot-8 to the topping point of that main level.”

Steel trusses are expected to be set in place July 16.

Crews are currently installing interior and exterior drain tile systems, which Cavanaugh said is nearly complete.

The lower slab is expected to be poured around mid-July.

Cavanaugh said crews only lost two days to rain. The project remains about 30 days behind.

“We've been reworking something and working with our masons and our steel erectors to see what we can do to make up time and optimize getting more crews out there,” he said.

County opens bids for new semi-tractor

Washington County Roads Department Foreman Bob Smith opened bids for a new semi-tractor.

The county received four bids from two companies — Freightliner Truck of Omaha and RDO Truck Center of Omaha. The bids ranged from $104,815 to $121,812.

The board voted to refer the bids to the roads committee before further action.

Board approves CUP for campground

The board granted a conditional use permit (CUP) to Joyce Sallach and Monica Mitchel of Countryside Marina and RV Park, 2164 County Road P51.

The CUP is for up to 120 camper spots with services. None of the spots with services will have year round campers.

There will be no more than 120 campers on side. Twenty primitive lots in Phase 1 are displacement lots only during the camping season and for storage in the off season.

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