Letter to the Editor

United we stand, divided we fall 

To all law enforcement agencies,

Thank you for everything you do for this great county.

I believe Americans stand united with you that no one’s life deserves to be taken in such a horrific manner as was George Floyd’s.

Some people are now asking when will law enforcement be held accountable? I ask when will all Americans be accountable for our actions?

Did we forget that the majority of people detained, arrested, or killed broke the law

Did you see the officers stand staunch on the front lines while “peaceful” protestors spit on them; urinated on them; threw rocks, bottles, Molotov cocktails at them; and when that wasn’t enough, they started shooting? How many of us could do a job like that?

When did it become more fashionable to demoralize these great people than to memorialize them for the job and lives they lost protecting us?

When is the last time an entire nation mourned the loss of an officer or rioted for injustices bestowed on their families and friends?

I believe the American people are good and just. Yes, there will always be a select few from all walks of life that choose to wreak havoc. Be we are not as stupid as some would like to portray us.

It doesn’t take us days to understand that hurt and injustice inflicted by George Floyd’s death. We pray for justice and healing for all involved.

So what’s left now?

As Americans always seem to do, we come together and help pick up the pieces of lives and livelihoods destroyed by these riots.

People who had no part in the injustice, but lost a lot, did their lives matter?

Did all this bring healing and a sense of unity to all Americans?

We need to wake up and understand the powers continually try to take us apart.

United America will stand, but divided she will fall.

Deborah Nelsen


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