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TeamMates mentors needed at Logan-Magnolia 

January is National TeamMates month, and the program at Logan-Magnolia has really grown since its inception in 2016.  There are presently 59 matches with eight boys and two girls still waiting for a mentor. 

TeamMates is a way for adult mentors to connect with student mentees in a safe school environment. One of the purposes of the program is to help students find his or her area of strength or talent and to explore ways to develop those abilities in the future.

Another purpose is just to give the mentee someone to talk to and spend time with that does not judge, but is there to listen.

During their meeting time each week of 30-40 minutes, matches have taken part in various activities, including tie-dying shirts, making cookies, working on building a birdhouse, playing chess and various board games, and just talking.

As a mentor myself, you can see how much they look forward to these meetings each week.

Volunteers are always needed and welcome. There are more students wanting mentors than there are adults to fill that role.

TeamMates needs people who would like to spend time with a young person — less than an hour a week. The mentoring relationship can be just as rewarding for the adult as it is for the student.

For more information, please contact Logan-Magnolia TeamMates coordinators Mae Blum at mmblum17@gmail.com or Brenda Bolte at bbolte@lomaschools.org

Mary Darling, Logan

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