Claire Allen was unstoppable Friday night at Arlington High School, leading her powder puff football team to a 38-26 victory against the senior girls.

The junior runner contributed five touchdowns before Kylee Bruning scored the 11th-graders' sixth on the final play of the annual flag football fundraiser for the sophomore class.

“I didn't really know what to expect,” Allen said. “I've been, like, playing catch since I was little, but I didn't really know exactly what to expect.”

The junior scored the first touchdown of the game — played on a shortened field — with boys from her class giving encouragement from the sideline. The seniors answered with Abby Stromer's touchdown run, but Allen's class never trailed as she scored again and again.

“We learned teamwork,” the touchdown machine said. “It was really fun to work together as a junior class. It really brought us together, so that was awesome to see.”

The seniors battled, but couldn't quite get over the hump.

“They had really good defense and I think that's what killed us,” 12th-grader Kailye Spoon said. “And they had really good plays, too. I think we just underestimated them a little bit.”

Stromer, Sarah Theiler and Lauren Clapper scored touchdowns for the seniors, while Spoon notched a two-point conversion to pull her squad within 32-26 late.

A senior win just wasn't in the cards, though.

“As juniors, last year, we beat the seniors,” Spoon said. “It must just be an ongoing thing with the juniors beating the seniors.”

In at least four straight Arlington powder puff games, the 11th-grade class has beaten the 12th-graders. Despite qualms concerning the clock operators and the referees, the seniors were gracious in defeat, embracing many of their younger foes in the aftermath.

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