Grantor; Grantee; Amount; Property.

Court Officer Deed

Donald C. Kenkel Estate; Armour Ag LLC; $1; Lots 1,2,3,4 & 5 Block 67 Woodbine.

Evelyn P. Eby Estate; Trent T. and Debra L. Sprecker; $1; Lots 5 & 6 Block D Winter's add Woodbine.



Bunkhouse Café LLC; Matthew R. and Melissa L. Rowe; $45,000; E80' of N1/2 Lot 1 Block 20 Logan.

Wilma Peterson; William W. and Susan K. Kirlin; $250,000; W40a Lot 2, pt Lots 3 & 6 4-78-45

Mentzer Investments LLC; Jacquelyn and Mattingly Marcum; $300,000; Lots A, B, C & D SD of Lots 4 & 5 Block 13 Missouri Valley.


Quit Claim Deed

Armour Ag LLC; Donald C. Kenkel Estate; $1; pt Lot I WLICO's 2nd Woodbine, pt Lot K Irreg Survey 14-80-42.

Cindy Allensworth and Aaron Coberly; Melvin and Miriam Blair; $1,000; Lots 55 & 56 Block 8 LSV.

Daniel Roden; Richard and Marlene Harper; $2,000; Lot 6 Block 7 LSV.

Frederick R. and Mary Ann Thomas; Federick R. and Mary Ann Thomas; $1; pt SWSW 26-78-42.


Special Warranty Deed

Callisto Trust; Daniel R. and Lori M. Milan; $10; S1/2 Lot 1 Block 55 TLCO's 2nd Missouri Valley.


Warranty Deed

John W. and Linda J. Henry; Henry Family Trust; $1; pt Lots A & B NWNE 24-78-43, pt Block 48 Reel's Logan.

Linda R. Hack; Michael W. and Renee Hack; $1; pt SENE 13-79-43 pt SWNW 18-79-42.

Matthew and Jessica Gieselman; Baily Janssen; $1; E80' Lot 8 Block 65 TLCO's 3rd add Missouri Valley.

Bradley and Carey Herman; Kyron Preston; $1; Lots 7 & 8 Block 11 Willow Park Missouri Valley.

James L. and Susan E. Stephens; Jacob Alan and Kate Beth Klein; $13,500; Parcel A SENW 27-81-41.

Trent T. and Debra L. Sprecker; Paul A. and Beth A. Fouts; $1; Lot 32 Shadow Hill Estates.

Cody D. and Elizabeth M. Purcell; Zachary Cox; $1; Lot 6 Harris Grove Country Estates PH I.

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