Chairman John Straight called the meeting to order with members Tony Smith and Walter Utman in attendance.  The agenda was approved on a motion by Smith, second by Utman.  Unanimous approval.  

Other attendees:  Auditor Susan Bonham, Jacob Snyder, and Tonia Copeland

Fair Board

Fair Board President Rodney Plath gave the fair activities report to the Board.  Discussion about trying to get more FFA students involved with the fair.  Smith suggested a wash & show.  The County’s annual contribution of $24,500 for the fair will be made in February, 2020.  

Courthouse Cameras

The Board approved an estimate from Midwest Technology Services in the amount of $1,314 for the installation of two additional cameras in the Courthouse.  Motion to approve by Smith, second by Utman.  Unanimous approval.  

Employee Handbook

The Board approved the revised policy on work schedules.  The policy will now read as follows:  

Earnings and Hours of Work – General Provisions 3.2

Work Schedules

Generally, work schedules will not change from week to week.  However, daily and weekly work schedules may be changed at the discretion of each County official and agency head to meet varying conditions and workload.  Changes in work schedules will be announced as far in advance as possible.  All employees, exempt and non-exempt, are expected to work their schedules hours. If an employee does not work their full schedule, they must use accrued paid leave (vacation, sick, personal leave) for the hours they do not work.

Motion to approve by Smith, second by Utman.   Unanimous approval.  

The Board directed Auditor Bonham to forward the policy to all department heads and request that the other governing boards approve the same policy at their next respective meeting.  

Assistant County Attorney

The Board approved the appointment of Todd Argotsinger as an Assistant County Attorney on a motion by Utman, second by Smith. Unanimous approval.  

Abatement Request

Treasurer Shelia Phillips reviewed an abatement request from the City of Logan for the County to abate $1,065 on a county held tax sale certificate on property that the City recently purchased.  Motion to deny the request was made by Smith, second by Utman.  Unanimous approval.  

County Trails

GIS Administrator Jeremy Butrick updated the Board on the monthly trails meeting.  The group is working with staff from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to help communities develop trails.  


County Engineer Steven Struble met with the Board.  Updated discussion on the following projects was held:  

Boyer #2 Bridge on Easton Trail – Contractor has now driven 1080 liner feet of east pier piling, has excavated for the east abutment and is beginning to bore the pre-bored holes for the east pier piling.  

St John #3 Bridge on 280th St NW of Missouri Valley over Allen Creek – Contractor worked on scaffolding around the falsework piling while the mechanics worked on trying to get the equipment running in the bitterly cold temperatures.  They began driving the sheet piling on Wednesday.  

260th Street Structural Plate Culvert on Old Soldier Drainage Ditch --  Mr. Struble presented the contract with Murphy Construction in the amount of $91,600.  Smith made the motion to approve, second by Utman.  Unanimous approval.   

The trucks and blades have been busy again this week pushing snow and sanding.  Crews worked later on Friday and again on Saturday morning. There were five minor truck breakdowns due to the extreme cold weather.  Two spare trucks were used.   Feed delivery trucks had trouble getting to hog and chicken confinements.  One feed delivery company has agreed to call the office for a recommendation for timing their deliveries in poor weather.  

The Board approved a funding agreement with Iowa DOT for SBG-SWAP-CO43(54)—FG-43 paving project for Panora from 155th Street to Willow Creek.  Motion to approve by Utman, second by Smith.  Unanimous approval.  

The Board approved L-16 right-of-way compensation estimate and contracts for Dennis/Michele Cox, Gary Stewart, and Paul Garvin on a motion by Smith, second by Utman.  Unanimous approval.  

On a motion by Utman, second by Smith, the utility permit application for Windstream to place cell phone dish poles at six locations in the central to NE part of the county was approved.  Unanimous approval.  

A farm to market voucher for JEO Consulting Group in the amount of $4,198.75 for field staking services associated with the Willow Creek Bridge on Easton Trail was approved on a motion by Utman, second by Smith.  Unanimous approval.  


Claims, as presented, were stamped for approval.  

FY21 Budget

The Board spent the rest of the morning and afternoon working on FY21 budgets with County Engineer, Lonnie Maguire, Recorder, Treasurer, Sheriff, EMA, and PHN.  

John Straight, Chairman


Susan Bonham, Auditor

MVTN 2-12-20

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