April 10, 3:35 a.m.

Justin James McMurray, 26, Logan, was involved in a deer vs. SUV accident that occurred on 260th Street (F50), approximately one mile west of Logan. According to the report filed by Deputy Sieck, McMurray was eastbound in a white 2016 Ford Explorer when his vehicle collided with a deer in the roadway. The driver was using his shoulder and lap belt; no airbags deployed. Neither McMurray nor his passenger, David Amon Lambert, 43, Omaha, Neb., was injured. The Ford received minor damage to the front end, estimated at $1,450.

April 11, 12:33 p.m.

Luke David Kyle, 19, Missouri Valley, was transported to the Missouri Valley hospital by Missouri Valley Rescue following a one-vehicle roll-over accident that occurred on Loess Hills Trail near residence marker 3344. According to the report filed by Deputy Knickman, Kyle was northbound in a black 2000 Ford Ranger, and was coming into a left-hand curve towards a railroad trestle. The driver stated that his small dog put his paws on the steering wheel, causing the vehicle to turn to the right. As Kyle tried to correct the steering, his vehicle crossed the center line, left the roadway, and then hit an embankment/cement support while going sideways in the pickup. There was a lot of force with the impact, which caused the Ford to go into a one-time roll and then come to rest in the middle of the roadway, facing northeast. Kyle was using his shoulder and lap belt; airbags in front of the driver deployed. He was cited with “Failure to Maintain Control.” The damage estimate for the Ford was $8,000. 

April 14, 6:10 p.m.

Austin James Benberg, 19, Cushing, was cited with “Fail to Yield upon Left Turn” following a two-vehicle accident that occurred on Overton Avenue (L34). According to the accident report filed by Deputy Clemens, Benberg was northbound in a green 2020 RoGator 1300C (farm equipment used for spraying fertilizer). Travis John Phillips, 29, Battle Creek, was following the RoGator in a blue 1993 Kenworth semi-tractor/trailer unit, and he began a legal pass in the passing zone. Benberg failed to signal a left-hand turn; he turned his vehicle into the semi as it was passing him. The semi was struck in its axle drive tires, which caused the truck to swerve and then roll onto its side. Neither driver was using safety belt protection; no airbags deployed. Phillips was cited with “Failure to Maintain or Use Safety Belts- Adult.” The carrier for Phillips’ truck was Phillips Trucking of Battle Creek. The damage estimate for the RoGator was $10,000, and for the Kenworth was $50,000.

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