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Greetings to all in Legislative District 16 and the surrounding region.  Only six weeks are remaining in this 2020 legislative session, and although some substantial bill work was done this last week there remain many heavy lifts for the session.  Property taxes, business incentives, and a proposed multi-billion investment into an all-hazard response facility project with the University of Nebraska Medical Center have yet to be decided upon.

Last Monday, I attended the annual Chiropractic Physician Association Reception.  As the only Chiropractic Physician in the Legislature, I have to admit this reception is my favorite of the many we are invited to each year.  I’m thankful for the work of chiropractic physicians throughout the state who provide preventative and rehabilitative care to Nebraska’s residents, keeping them healthy, able to attend work and spend meaningful time with their families.

Since I was elected and sworn into office, one of the primary focuses of constituents has been the improvement of roads around Legislative District 16.  Last spring’s floods put even more pressure on the infrastructure of the region, destroying entire highways, knocking out bridges, and uprooting families.  I’ve worked hard to ensure our region has as much help as possible repairing the damage from the floods as well as the issues that existed before the flooding. 

On March 5, I held a meeting with the Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) to discuss our infrastructure issues and to communicate the needs and desires of our residents.  One area of focus was a proposed bypass in Blair to divert the increasing truck traffic resulting from the growth of Cargill’s campus. Kyle Schneweis, the NDOT director, agreed to meet with Blair leadership to discuss the proposed project and ways the state can facilitate or help with the process.  This is an important step in providing safety and security to the city of Blair.

News continues to come in about the COVID-19 virus and its potential spread in Nebraska and around the country.  I must repeat that proper personal hygiene is essential in slowing the spread and mitigating any effects it may have on people, especially those with weak immune systems.  Washing your hands often, proper diet and avoiding any unnecessary contact with others are the best ways to stay healthy and prevent the spread of the virus. I’ll keep the public updated with any information I have if the threat continues to grow.  In the meantime, I hope all are staying safe, healthy and that disruption to our everyday lives is as minimal as possible while we try to get a good hold on the current and future threat of this virus.

As always you can contact me at bhansen@leg.ne.gov or contact the office to speak with my Administrative Assistant Ellie Stangl or my Legislative Aide Jacob Campbell.  To read all introduced legislation please visit nebraskalegislature.gov. You may watch the live stream of the session when available at netnebraska.org.

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