The Fort Calhoun Senior Legion baseball team scored both of its Monday night runs off of Tylan Conner's bat at the Omaha Home for Boys.

Unfortunately for the Pioneers, those two runs weren't enough to overcome the Omaha Concordia ballclub. The Mustangs won 7-2, dropping coach Brandon Wynn's team to 1-1.

Conner, a third baseman, logged his first RBI during the top of the first inning, giving his Fort Calhoun squad a 1-0 advantage. The lead held during the bottom half when first baseman Justin Myer turned a double play, ending the first frame for pitcher Cole Klabunde.

Concordia went onto score the next seven runs, however, pulling away from the Pioneers. Conner scored Joel Fern with a fifth-inning sacrifice fly, but his team couldn't pull any closer during the sixth and seventh despite a pair of extra base hits — one by the third baseman and another by Klabunde.

Conner finished with two RBIs after a two-hit showing in the Fort Calhoun opener — a one-run victory on June 19.

“At first I wasn't feeling too great (at the plate),” he said. “But when that first game rolled around, that really brought up the confidence with the two hits.”

Ty Hallberg added a hit for the Pioneers, while catcher Kaden Therkildsen tagged two Mustangs out at home plate. The first came on a throw from Justin Myer at first base, before the second on a failed attempt to steal home by the home team.

Fort Calhoun was scheduled to play Ashland on Wednesday and will play host to a downsized tournament on Saturday.

“We want to hit the ball well. Play good defense,” Conner said of the upcoming homestand. “And, obviously, get a couple of wins.”

The Fort Calhoun Juniors tied Concordia 8-8 before the Seniors' loss. They are 0-2 on the season.

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