The Fort Calhoun Enhancement Committee will host "Curb Alert" in Fort Calhoun this weekend. Residents are encouraged to place their "trash" on the curb so others don't have to dumpster dive for treasure Saturday and Sunday.

Enhancement Committee Chairperson Lori Lammers said just about anything can be placed on a curb because any item that isn't picked up must be disposed of. She said she has seen lumber, bricks, old chairs, furnitures, paint, books, broken bicycles and more since the event began in the spring of 2017.

"The Fort Calhoun Enhancement Committee started Curb Alert as part of Earth Day and the Great American Clean-up, which we have participated in for many years," Lammers said. "Many items that are broken are picked up and repaired, painted and used again."

Lammers said a previous community she lived in held a similar event once a year.

"It was a popular and effective way to recycle furniture and other items before they would go to the dump," she said.

Residents are asked to dispose of any unused items from "Curb Alert" in appropriate dumpsters.

"This is an effective way to recycle because one person's trash is another's treasure," Lammers said.

Great American Clean-up 2019

The Fort Calhoun Enhancement Committee invites city residents to partake in the 21st nationwide Great American Clean-up from 9 a.m. to noon April 27.

Lammers said the committee will be sprucing up Fort Calhoun Town Center and the city's historical markers. Participants are encouraged to bring garden gloves, a rake and enthusiasm.

"We invite others to join us on Saturday or to organize their own block party or neighborhood clean-up," Lammers said. "It's our 'Little Corner of the World.'"

Fort Calhoun citywide garage sale

The Fort Calhoun citywide garage sales will be May 31 and June 1.

Those who would like to participate can contact Ronee Christensen at 402-680-4047 or

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