A Fort Calhoun couple accused of illegally operating a commercial business on land zoned for agricultural purposes were arrested March 22 for continued violations.

Mick Goslin, 51, and Beth Hersh-Goslin, 45, are charged with violating county zoning regulations, a Class 3 misdemeanor. Mick Goslin is also charged with obstructing a peace officer, a Class 1 misdemeanor.

According to an affidavit for an arrest warrant, a Washington County sheriff's deputy observed several people entering the Goslin property at 2750 Herbert Henry Lane on March 17.

Those individuals entered the property without animals and later returned with butchered animals. One group was seen with a bag of animal hooves.

The deputy spoke to another group of people who said they were going to the property to purchase and butcher chickens.

From another property adjacent to the Goslins' property, the deputy also witnessed a hog being butchered and processed.

At approximately 2:09 p.m. March 22, another deputy responded to the property for the report of a zoning violation, according to court documents filed March 26. He observed several people walking around the property carrying chickens that had already been slaughtered. He also witnessed a man kill a chicken, while others were processing chickens.

Deputies entered the property and spoke with Beth Hersh-Goslin. They arrested Hersh-Goslin for the violation. Mick Goslin was inside the house and refused to come out.

A deputy asked Hersh-Goslin to call her husband. The deputy spoke to Mick Goslin, who said he was going to call the Nebraska State Patrol to mediate the situation.

Deputies spoke with the individuals butchering chickens, who said they planned to or had already purchased the chickens.

Deputies transported Hersh-Goslin to the Washington County Jail. Mick Goslin later turned himself in.

The Washington County Planning and Zoning Administrator Ryan Sullivan sent the Goslins a letter to cease and desist operations in September.

The county then cited the Goslins three times in November for continued violation of zoning regulations. A bench trial in those cases is set for 9 a.m. May 31 in Washington County Court.

The couple filed a lawsuit against Washington County Attorney Scott Vander Schaaf and Sullivan in Washington County District court. That lawsuit is still pending.

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