A Fort Calhoun couple accused of illegally operating a commercial business on land zoned for agricultural purposes have been arrested again for repeated zoning violations.

Mick Goslin, 51, and Beth Hersh-Goslin, 45, are charged with violating county zoning regulations, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

This is the second time the couple have been arrested for such a violation. They were arrested March 22 at their home at 2797 Herbert Henry Lane. They were also cited three times late last year.

According to court records, a warrant was also issued Monday for Mick Goslin's arrest for another violation, which was witnessed April 20.

The Goslins were arrested April 24 after Washington County sheriff's deputies determined Beth Hersh-Goslin had an outstanding warrant.

When they arrived, the found the Goslins near the rear of the property with two other individuals, who had three dead chickens and a carton of eggs.

Mick Goslin told the two people they were “OK.”

“This scares our customers,” he allegedly told the deputies.

When the deputies asked if he was doing business, Goslin said, “No, he was just watering the animals.”

The two individuals later told deputies they had purchased the chickens and eggs from the Goslins, who had killed the chickens for them.

According to an affidavit for an arrest warrant, on April 20, deputies were dispatched to a motorist assist at 2679 County Road 45 for a vehicle with a flat tire. The individuals in the car said they had just come from the Goslins' home, where they had purchased 30 live chickens for $120. The chickens were in the trunk of the car.

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