Council member resigns

The Fort Calhoun City Council accepted the resignation of member Terry Fitzgerald during its March 16 meeting. Fitzgerald moved out of the city limits, so is no longer able to hold office.

Mayor Mitch Robinson said the city is announcing the vacancy of Fitzgerald's seat. Robinson said the vacancy will be advertised. In two weeks, a special meeting will be held where Robinson will submit a name to the council to approve or disapprove for the open seat. The process will continue in the same manner until the council approves someone for the seat.

The person approved for the seat will serve for about eight months as Fitzgerald's term runs through December.

City takes no action on parking lot agreement

The city council did not take action regarding a parking lot agreement with Northern Hills Ventures.

Northern Hills is planning to build a 7,000-square foot reception venue, Northern Lights Wedding and Reception, on a 1.8 acre lot at 310 N. 14th St. just south of the post office.

The city previously approved a redevelopment agreement with Northern Hills in December. Part of that agreement gave the city and Northern Hills six months to enter into a parking lot agreement, which, if entered, would waive for Northern Hills approximately $4,000 in administrative fees associated with the redevelopment agreement. Another part of the agreement included the city and Northern Hills each paying their own legal fees associated with the redevelopment agreement. Council member Bob Prieksat said developers usually pay for a city's legal fees, so the city as of the meeting was not comfortable in waiving the administrative fees as then the city would have to pay them.

A parking lot agreement would have allowed the reception venue's parking lot to be used by the public when events are not being held.

City to purchase brine equipment for snow, ice

The city council approved using the proceeds from the sale of a city truck at auction to purchase a brine mixer for snow and ice removal.

"I know we had a lot of complaints this last year, especially when it was subzero temperatures out, with the ice on the streets," Maintenance Supervisor Corban Helmandollar said. "With our current material that we use, salt and sand, it won't cut that at that temperature. The only thing we can start using is brine to help activate that salt to a lower temperature."

Helmandollar said using brine would help save some salt, such as for the sidewalks around city hall or on streets. He also said it would not leave as much debris on the ground for cleanup such as is the case with only using salt and sand.

Spring clean up dates set

The city council set the dates for the city's annual spring clean up. Spring clean up will run three weekends from April 4 to April 26.

The city will have a dumpster available for residents at the maintenance shop. Residents will also be able to acquire a burn permit from the Fort Calhoun Fire Department for open burning during the spring clean up dates.

City awards construction bid for asphalt project

The city council approved a construction bid from Western Engineering for the 2020 Asphalt Overlay Project. The bid was for $305,991.67.

Work is expected to be completed on the following streets:

• Clay Street from 12th to 9th streets

• 9th Street from Clay to Monroe streets

• Monroe Street from 10th to 7th streets

• 7th Street from Monroe to Madison streets

• Monroe Street from 14th to 16th streets

The project is significantly lower than the city initially budgeted.

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