Change order, payment approved for asphalt overlay project

The Fort Calhoun City Council approved a change order of $46,666 for additional materials needed for work for the city's 2020 asphalt overlay project during its June 15 meeting.

The council originally approved a bid of $305,992 from Western Engineers in March. A change order of $23,813 for additional work related to the project was approved in May.

The total cost of the project will be nearly $376,500. The city council approved the payment of $367,059 to Western Engineers. City Engineer Lucas Billesbach of JEO Consulting said the final payment amount is still much less than the $600,000 originally budgeted for the project.

Original work to be completed was on the following streets:

• Clay Street from 12th to 9th streets

• 9th Street from Clay to Monroe streets

• Monroe Street from 10th to 7th streets

• 7th Street from Monroe to Madison streets

• Monroe Street from 14th to 16th streets

Additional work was completed on the corner of 14th and Adams Street and on the street in front of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

Creation of street improvement district approved

The city council approved the creation of a street improvement district. The council also approved the issuance of bond anticipation notes for the purposes of financing the work to be completed in the street improvement district.

Owners of residences on streets in the street improvement district will not have a levy against their property. Much of the work in the district has already been completed.

Ares included in the street improvement district are: Clay Street from 12th to 9th streets; 9th Street from Clay to Monroe streets; Monroe Street from 10th to 7th streets; 7th Street from Monroe to Madison streets; Monroe Street from 14th to 16th street; 13th from Adams to Clay streets; Madison Street from 10th to 11th streets; 11th street south of Madison Street to a dead end; 10th Street between Madison and Court streets; Adams Street east of 14th Street; 17th Street between 16th Street and Windsor Way.

The city originally planned to use highway allocation funds for work on areas in the street improvement district, but talks between the city, JEO Consulting and DA Davidson concluded bond notes would be a better financial option.

A representative from DA Davidson who attended the June 15 meeting said interest rates for two-year notes could perhaps reach sub-one percent.

First payment for sanitary, storm sewer work approved

The city council approved a payment to Cedar Construction for work completed for sanitary sewer and storm sewer improvements in the Adams Street corridor. The work is related to a new park which will be constructed in the area.

The city approved a payment of $73,117 for work that is over 50 percent complete as of the June 15 meeting, Billesbach said. In April, the council approved a bid of $129,734 for the project.

Billesbach said the main sewer line is complete and the main portion of the storm sewer is complete as well. He said there was still work to be done to tie the lines into the area where the splash pad will be.

Billesbach also said the city received a grant from an anonymous donor for the splash pad.

"A good grant toward the project," he said.

The council did not discuss how much the grant donation was for.

Mower to be purchased

The city council approved the purchase of a John Deere Diesel Commercial ZTrak mower for $13,400.

City Maintenance Supervisor Corban Helmandollar said the mower will replace the city's current ball diamond tractor. He said the new mower could be used on the ball field grass and in city parks, while the current ball diamond tractor will be used only for dragging the infield dirt on ball fields.

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