Splash pad cost rising

The cost for a splash pad in the Adams Street corridor is rising.

City engineer Lucas Billesbach of JEO Consulting said the additional cost is associated with the sanitary sewer improvements, which are necessary for the project.

“We've got a couple of services that lined up right underneath the splash pad,” he said. “What I thought was going to be an easy sewer line being there is turning into a little bit of a headache because we're trying to route the services away from being underneath it.”

The storm sewer costs are also coming in above what was expected, Billesbach said.

“The most recent estimate is about $120,000 or $130,000 over our initial budget estimate,” he said.

Billesbach said he met with city staff to talk strategies on how to handle the extra cost.

“I think we have a plan in place,” he said.

However, Billesbach wanted to talk to the splash pad committee before explaining that plan in a public meeting. A final set of plans will be presented at the March meeting.

Council approves plans for street work

Billesbach presented the council with the plans for the 2020 asphalt overlay project.

Work includes a base bid and two alternates. Work is expected to be completed on the following streets:

• Clay Street from 12th to 9th streets

• 9th Street from Clay to Monroe streets

• Monroe Street from 10th to 7th streets

• 7th Street from Monroe to Madison streets

• Monroe Street from 14th to 16th streets

The project is estimated to be at about $300,000, which is significantly lower than initially budgeted.

Fort Calhoun to participate in PMRNRD plan

The council approved a resolution for participation in the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District multi-hazard mitigation plan.

The plan is a FEMA requirement for jurisdictions to be eligible for grant funding options.

Keno funds approved

The council approved Keno funds for three different entities. Those included:

• $1,500 for Fort Calhoun Community Schools for speakers for “Raising Kids in the 21st Century” on March 16.

• $1,500 for the Fort Calhoun Pioneer Post Prom Committee for post prom.

• $1,500 for Friends of Lewis and Clark Bicentennial for the 2020 tourism program.

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