City approves final payment for sewer rehab project

The Fort Calhoun City Council approved the final payment $21,292 to Midlands Contracting, Inc. for the 2018 sanitary sewer rehabilitation project during its July 20 meeting.

The project, which involved installing new liners along pipes, was first approved in May 2018, but was delayed twice due to weather.

"We got some good weather this spring here to finally get this done," City Engineer Lucas Billesbach of JEO Consulting said.

The city previously approved a payment of $93,073 to Midlands Contracting in April.

During the July 20 meeting, the city council also approved a change order in the deductive amount of $6,383 for the project. Billesbach said some liner work associated with man holes was unnecessary because the man holes were in "pretty good shape."

City approves final payment for asphalt overlay project

The city council approved the final payment of $9,412 to Western Engineering for work completed for the 2020 asphalt overlay project.

The total cost of the project was nearly $376,500, which is significantly less than the $600,000 the city originally budgeted for the project.

Work was completed on the following streets:

• Clay Street from 12th to 9th streets

• 9th Street from Clay to Monroe streets

• Monroe Street from 10th to 7th streets

• 7th Street from Monroe to Madison streets

• Monroe Street from 14th to 16th streets

Additional work was completed on the corner of 14th and Adams Street and on the street in front of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church.

City approves payment for Adams Street Corridor park sewer work

The City Council approved a payment of $51,231 to Cedar Construction for sanitary sewer and storm sewer improvements in the Adams Street Corridor.

The area is planned to be a park. The first part of the park, a splash pad and associated features, are expected to begin construction in September.

The city council also approved a change order of $44,633 for the project. Billesbach said it was for additional work requested by residents in the area of the where the sewer lines run, which he said were reasonable.

The total cost of the work is around $134,400. The city council previously approved a payment of nearly $78,000 for the project. Nearly $5,385 is left for the city to pay for the project, but work for the project is complete.

City to install new traffic signs on Clay Street

Mayor Mitch Robinson said additional traffic signs would be installed on Clay Street.

Fort Calhoun resident Linda Welsher, who lives on Clay Street, said she was concerned with the speed of drivers on the street when there are several children in the area.

"We'll get things done," Robinson said, adding a request to the Washington County Sheriff's Office to patrol the area could be made. "We'll get a couple signs up and maybe have, up the hill, radar enforced, and then get some children at play signs up."

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