Zach Helms, Zach O'Flaherty, Justin Allen and Landon Walkenhorst had an idea.

Inspired by recent Wahoo 2-on-2 basketball tournaments, the 2018 Arlington High School graduates decided to organize their own — the Arlo All-Stars 2v2 Tournament. On Saturday morning, 32 teams from about 30 towns played hoops on the outdoor basketball courts near AHS.

“A lot of these kids I played in high school. Some of them I know from college,” Helms said, looking out over the concrete court. The organizers had put down tape for the half court and 3-point lines. “I just reached out on Instagram and it blew up.”

Teams of two from Bennington, Wahoo, West Point and Valley were represented, just to name a few. So were North Bend, Fremont — and Chicago. Chi-Town's own Skakur Triplett has worn a Midland University jersey, but on Saturday he was playing in the Eagles' hometown.

“We asked 38 people the first day and 34 people said yes,” Helms said. “We had to turn down, like, 12 teams.”

The double-elimination tournament was played on both ends of the concrete court. Speakers played music and an announcer behind a microphone provided analysis from time to time.

Former Logan View basketball players Ben Moxness and Alex Von Seggern were the 2-on-2 champs.

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