People in Arlington will have a place closer to home to keep their new year's fitness goals.

Kelsey Wolf ,who is launching Eagle Athletic Club, Stacy Nelson and Susan Dunklau of Home Grown Wellness, have joined together to form the Arlington Community Fitness Center in the former Erika's Village Spoon Restaurant at Third and Eagle streets.

With no local fitness center, Arlington citizens have to travel to Blair, Fremont or Omaha. Wolf has been offering personal training out of her garage.

The center will have minimal equipment such as kettle bells and free weights, but they hope to add more cardio machines as time goes on. The hope is to have the place open at the end of January, offering classes initially with a goal of having it open for people to come work out when they want with fitness equipment.

"I have always wanted a physical place for the work," Wolf said. "We talked about how we can use our different skill sets to offer a comprehensive opportunity for people in Arlington."

Wolf and Nelson have areas of health they are focusing on. Wolf trains athletes, former athletes and training others to move like athletes.

"I love learning what people's goals are and helping them reach their goals in a personal training center," Wolf said. "We will be offering small group classes where people can lift weights and build muscle."

Nelson works with special populations, stroke victims, senior citizens, those with knee injuries.

"They can change the way they work out," Nelson said. "It doesn't have to be about squats to work on fitness."

Wolf said fitness and training in groups is a catalyst for something more.

"Exercise fosters community, is an opportunity to experience accountability with the people they form community with, and success fires a desire to succeed in other areas," she said. "It's a cycle of positivity. It becomes about people's overall health, physical and emotionally."

Home Grown Wellness will eventually move from its location at 340 W. Eagle St. into the Arlington Community Fitness Center so that everything, including their massage services, will be under one roof.

An opening date for the business has not yet been determined.

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