Harrison County Farm Bureau Board President Mike Dickinson (left) and Vice President Lynn Stamp (middle) present a check for $4,000 to Persia Fire Chief Mark Carrigan on June 12.

Harrison County Farm Bureau presented a $4,000 check to the Persia Volunteer Fire Department on June 12.  The donation will be used to help purchase a grain bin extraction device to enhance their abilities to save people’s lives during a grain bin accident.

In addition to the Persia Volunteer Fire Department receiving this donation, the Crescent Volunteer Fire Department also received a donation for the same amount. 

The Harrison County and West Pottawattamie Farm Bureau Boards collaborated and worked to assist members in both rural Farm Bureau communities.

“As farmers, we are an organization which cares about the safety and training of its members. This project collaboration is helping build relationships between counties, several rural communities, between school districts and county Farm Bureaus,” said Harrison County Farm Bureau President Mike Dickinson. “Our Farm Bureau board is more than people who grow crops and raise livestock – we’re community members first, and we know that we have to take care of each other.”

The two county Farm Bureaus have also teamed up in the last few years to support other community and school projects to help with support the needs addressed by the rural communities.

The Harrison County Farm Bureau, working with West Pottawattamie County Farm Bureau, also received an Iowa Farm Bureau Federation Share grant and added its own funds to finance the purchase of the grain rescue tubes and equipment for the Persia and Crescent Volunteer Fire Departments. 

This share grant helps the mission by creating a safer working environment for farmers and protecting their families.

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