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Rachel Vogt

Enterprise Media Group welcomed a new reporter on Feb. 3.

Rachel Vogt, an Arlington High School (AHS) and Wayne State College graduate, started Monday with the company. Vogt said she's excited to help cover Blair Community Schools and Washington County agriculture as well as contribute to the Missouri Valley Times News.

Vogt graduated from AHS in 2016 and from Wayne State in December with a degree in journalism. She said she found journalism after initially considering teaching.

"I only lasted a few weeks as an education student, it just wasn't for me," she said. "Then I decided, 'You know, I think I'm a pretty strong writer. I know I would like doing that.'"

Being able to talk with people is one thing Vogt enjoys about journalism, she said.

"I'm a pretty social person, so I really like the socialization and being able to talk to people," she said. "I like hearing people's different opinions and the rationale behind them."

That she is a social person means people are welcome to talk with her if they see her out and about in the county, Vogt said.

"I'm pretty laid back, pretty easy going," she said. "I can take a joke. If anyone knows my dad, they know I have to be able to take a joke."

Outside of work, Vogt said she's likely to head to a few high school sporting events, spend time with family living in and around Washington County and help her younger brother with his 4-H project.

Vogt said she grew up around agriculture, so she's interested in covering the topic since it plays a big role in Washington County.

"I kind of want to focus on ag and how it really shapes the county," she said. "It's important because there's a lot of ag-based things around."

Vogt said she enjoyed helping her dad farm and growing up in the county, both of which contributed to her want to work at the Enterprise.

"I just really liked growing up in the area, I really liked helping my dad farm," she said. "It's hard for me to let that go."

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