In a time of crisis, we turn to our leaders.

We look for guidance, decisiveness, courage, compassion and inspiration.

As floodwaters rose across Nebraska, the efforts of city, county and state officials to keep the public informed and safe was evident.

With every road closure, notice was given. Those in harm's way were alerted.

Each day, the governor and state agencies have held press calls to brief the media on the state's ongoing response to the flood.

Even as the damage estimates could possibly top $1 billion, state officials have remained strong in the face of adversity.

The flooding that inundated communities has also shone a spotlight on our first responders.

These men and women — many volunteers — put their lives on hold, sometimes for several days, to help others in need.

There were hundreds of rescues by water and by air throughout Nebraska. In Washington County, Arlington, Blair and Fort Calhoun firefighters and sheriff's deputies worked tirelessly to bring people who were stranded by the floodwaters to safety.

As the waters receded, community members, churches, organizations and businesses have also stepped forward to help those impacted by the flooding. Much needed items like clothes, food and cleaning supplies have been donated by the thousands.

Many have volunteered to help clean out homes soaked by the floodwaters.

Nebraskans and those around the country will also have an opportunity to help on Friday as radio and television stations from across Nebraska will team up for a one-day flood relief effort in partnership with the American Red Cross.

Nebraska has a long road to recovery, but we will no doubt do it together.


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