Clearing shelves at Blair Bakery

Customers began lining up before 5 a.m. Saturday at Jim and Connie's Blair Bakery to to support Jim and Connie as they cope with Jim's health issues.

Customers lined the sidewalk outside Jim and Connie's Blair Bakery on Saturday to buy doughnuts — glazed, Boston cream, jelly, cake — and other pastries.

Saturday mornings are typically busy, but not this busy.

The line of people, which streamed out the door of the tiny bakery for several hours, was the result of an effort by community members to buy all the doughnuts and cookies on the shelves.

Jim, a Marine veteran, has faced numerous health issues and needs constant care. A caregiver stays with Jim while Connie runs the bakery. When news of their situation spread, community members stepped forward to help.

Many customers overpaid for their doughnuts. Others just left money on the counter. The tip jar overflowed with 5, 10 and 20 dollar bills.

In addition to the money, people offered words of support and comfort to Connie.

Time and time again, Blair residents show why this is such a wonderful community to live and work in. They give of themselves even when they may not have much to give. It doesn't matter the situation, when someone is in need, others step up. They support each other. They volunteer. They donate.

This is what a small town is all about.

Good job, Blair.

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