Three accidents at the same intersection — U.S. Highway 30 and Industrial Park Drive — in less than a year has drawn attention from both city and state officials.

The City of Blair requested a traffic study of the intersection due to the accidents — all three of which involved a vehicle pulling out onto Highway 30 from Industrial Park Drive. The Nebraska Department of Transportation has agreed and will conduct a study in the near future.

City officials are hoping the study indicates that traffic signals are warranted.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accidents, which occurred June 4, Aug. 23 and Jan. 21.

But it shouldn't have come to this. It shouldn't take three crashes before action is taken.

These certainly aren't the only crashes to have taken place on this stretch of road. How many near misses have gone unreported?

That intersection sees an abundance of traffic, including semi-tractor trailers heading to and from Blair's biocampus. One of the accidents involved a semi and a car.

Drivers heading east are picking up speed as they head out of the city on a long, sweeping curve approaching the intersection. All it takes is a distracted driver or another who is in a hurry to lead to another accident.

The traffic study is definitely needed, but a solution also needs to be realized from it, whether that be a reduction in speed or a traffic light. There needs to be an answer before it's too late and rescue personnel find themselves responding to yet another accident at this intersection, hoping and praying that this time it won't be fatal.

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