Weekday mornings at Arlington High School begin with student-athletes in spaced-out lines at the gymnasium doors.

Wrestling coach Doug Hart went through the lines and took the Eagles' temperatures Tuesday, allowing them access to their school once the non-contact thermometer produced an acceptable reading. Amid coronavirus concerns, AHS isn't taking any chances since Nebraska schools were allowed to begin summer strength and conditioning sessions June 1.

Arlington Weights

Britton Konken runs sprints Tuesday at Arlington High School.

The Eagles have set schedules for their workout sessions, arriving for their specific times to form groups. Golf coach Jason Wiese said there are three groups of girls and four groups of boys. Students also have an online option to do their workouts from home.

On Tuesday at 8:30 a.m., freshmen and sophomore boys worked out in the main gymnasium. They went through warmups, stretching through methodical movements — including a crawling plank — back-and-forth on the court before breaking into quicker actions.

The Arlington boys also followed instructions and went through body weight exercises, including incline pushups, side planks and tricep dips using the bleachers.

Meanwhile, a group of freshmen and sophomore girls watched as coach Colter Mattson demonstrated proper form in the weight room. They Eagles then worked on it themselves, producing deadlift, hang clean and squat reps.

When each of those two groups' workouts were done and sanitation efforts were complete, more AHS athletes would start to gather at the gymnasium doors. Their temperatures were taken and the process started again with the fall season inching closer with every effort to build strength and get into shape.

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