Omrianna Fighter

Omrianna Fighter

An Omaha woman who absconded from District 6 Drug Court more than two years ago was sentenced to prison Tuesday in Washington County District Court.

Omrianna Fighter, 33, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of a controlled substance, a Class 4 felony, on March 29, 2016, and accepted into the drug court program. A warrant was issued for her arrest Aug. 12, 2016, after she failed to appear for court and drug testing.

Fighter was arrested Dec. 31. In February, she was terminated from drug court.

Judge John E. Samson sentenced Fighter to 18 months in prison and 12 months post-release supervision. She was given credit for 189 days served.

Prior to sentencing, Fighter's attorney, Jon Natvig of Omaha, said his client had completed an inpatient program and was living at a halfway house when she absconded. She claimed there were drugs being used in the house.

“It was her intention at the time to contact the court to try something else,” Natvig said.

Natvig said Fighter has been sober for nearly three years.

“She's not drinking, she's not doing drugs and she's staying out of harm's way,” he said.

Natvig argued for a sentence of time served.

Fighter, who is five months pregnant, thanked the court for allowing her to enter the drug court program.

“I apologize for breaking your trust,” she said. “I'm taking full responsibility for my actions and I just want to move forward.”

While she has been sober, Samson said that doesn't negate her sentence.

“To be quite blunt, Miss Fighter, you don't get rewarded for absconding from your responsibilities,” he said.

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