Dana Homecoming Ceremony

The 2019 Dana College Homecoming Ceremony was hosted Saturday at the Gardner-Hawks Center.

Dana College homecoming will not happen this year.

The Dana Alumni Council voted Thursday to postpone festivities due to coronavirus concerns. Events were planned for Oct. 3.

Bob Coffey, president of the Dana College Foundation, said the council made the decision to postpone this year's homecoming after considering many of those who attend are in their 70s or older.

“It just became apparent that this was the wiser thing to do is to postpone it,” he said. “We just have to take in account their health and safety.”

The council also had to consider that many alumni travel from across the country and even internationally for homecoming.

Those classes that were to celebrate reunions in 2020 will instead celebrate in 2021. Next year's homecoming is set for Oct. 2, 2021.

Coffey said it's disappointing as many alumni had hoped to see the redevelopment of the former Dana College campus.

“It is a disappointment because so much progress has been made and we wanted to show off some of that and give some updates on where things are going,” he said. “I'm sure by October there's going to be a lot more to tell about. It's just going to have to wait and there will be even more in place the following year.”

Coffey said while there will be no homecoming festivities this year, the alumni council sees this as an opportunity to reevaluate the events that are typically held.

“We want to be bigger and better for people of all ages to be able come and enjoy their time and share their experiences so this an opportunity to get additional people involved and plan out some other events that might attract more alumni to come,” he said.

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