As communities try to find ways to enjoy time together while maintaining distance, Arlington joined in on the cruise and rolled their vehicles through town Saturday. 

The event was coordinated by the co-owners of the BARn Establishment Inc., which opened its doors for takeout that night for the first time. 

Arlington Car Cruise

Arlington High School senior Jordyn Hancock rides in a pickup truck during the cruise night Saturday in Arlington.

"The turnout was beyond imaginable. The joy was contagious, and the profit was significant," Ashley Miskowiec said. "It was great to show the renovations to the community and to feed our hungry Arlington."

She said they bought balloons for seniors graduating this year.

"Watching them get released gave me goosebumps," Miskowiec said. "The community supported, showed up and celebrated the BARn."

The cars were led through the village by an ambulance. Some cars were decorated with well wishes from graduating seniors, with Jordyn Hancock riding in the back of a pickup truck and waving as she went by. Some cars may have been familiar to those who also attended the Blair Cruise Night. 

Brandie Beans, her husband, Bruce Scheer, and son, Jacob Beans, drove through Arlington in a red 1954 truck.

"It was my grandpa's truck," she said. "It sounded fun. We recently brought my grandpa's truck to the area and it hasn't been on the road for a long time."

Arlington Car Cruise

Contemporary to classic rides cruised through the streets of Arlington on Saturday evening.

Beans said it was fun to see everybody and with everything going on it was nice to be out. The truck is for her son.

"I think it brings the community together and it was a fun thing," she said. "I've never participated in something like that before. Knowing we had my grandpa's truck and wanting to take it out that was fun, too."

Beans said they drove the route around three times before it started raining.

"It was fun and I would definitely do it again," she said.

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