The NSAA recently announced its Nebraska Chiropractic Physicians Association Academic All-State Award recipients for the spring semester.

Thirty-four of those student-athletes and activity participants are from Washington County high schools. Seventeen attend Blair High, while 10 attend Arlington and seven go to Fort Calhoun.

Blair's 17 honorees were to participate and compete across eight extracurricular activities this spring prior to COVID-19 related cancellations. They also achieved the required 3.7 or above GPA.

Nolan Osterhaus and Caden Ulven represented the BHS baseball team on the 2020 list, while Cole Wilkins represented the golf squad, and Brody Karls and Gabe Zurek represented the boys soccer team. Girls soccer players Eva Dunker and Sophia Grantham were honored as were tennis players Michaela Diehm and Ava Rech. Ethan Funk, Sam Lueders, Lillian Knudtson and Madyson Ray represented the Bears' track and field team.

Blair's Amanda Hickle and Caitlin Tobin, meanwhile, were recognized for their efforts in journalism. Sloan Lammers and Morgan Thompson earned their awards through music.

At Arlington, Aiden Foreman and Tanner Pittman received Academic All-State recognition as baseball players. Noah Hoffschneider and Josh Iossi represented the golf team, while Noah Kubat, Josh Miller, Kailynn Gubbels and Sarah Theiler received good grades as members of the track squad.

The Eagles' Jordyn Hancock and Kate Miller became honorees through their contributions in music.

Fort Calhoun Pioneers Zach Faucher and Ty Hallberg held high GPAs as they readied for the baseball season, while John McKennan, Savannah Lukasiewicz and Kelsie Premer were preparing for track season before their NSAA recognition arrived.

Grant Hansen and Morgan Miller earned All-State acknowledgment through music.

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