Cornhusker State Games

Chauncey Wilkins of Blair won five first-place finishes in his Male Senior division in archery at the Cornhusker State Games.

Athletes young and old from Blair, Fort Calhoun and Arlington competed during the July 12-28 Cornhusker State Games.

Whether it was at the Lincoln Archery Range or the Woods Tennis Center, the Washington County competitors did their best to try and earn gold medals. Eleven times, the athletes succeeded with first-place finishes.

Blair Athletes

Four individuals and one Blair team earned gold medals at the state games.

Chauncey Wilkins kept his annual streak of archery success going with five first-place finishes in his Male Senior division. He was first in two 3D events, marked and unmarked yardage, while also topping the standings in the target categories of 600 round, 750 round and indoor 450 round.

John Derry, meanwhile, was first in men's double pickleball. Laurel Derry was third in mixed doubles and women's doubles, too.

Field event athlete Sandy Maryott represented Blair with first-place in the discus, javelin and shot put. She competed in the age 70-74 division.

Lance Hume, meanwhile, competed in the age 14-16, 232-pound division of freestyle and scholastic wrestling. He was first in both.

Team Deutschman of Blair was first in the age 8 and younger 2-person scramble gold tournament.

RJ Matney was among his town's second-place earners. He was second in the 5K Road Race, while Daniel Hoevet was second in kart racing in the flat limited modified division.

Douglas Kiser earned a silver medal in the high power benchrest shooting event, while Daniel Cutler was second in the men's age 65-69 100-meter dash. Cutler was also third in the 50-meter dash.

Mike Maryott was second in men's age 65-69 javelin, while also earning third in the discus. Kevin McKeon was third in the age 45-49 triathlon sprint.

Lowell Petersen was third in the Gravel Grinder Gold Route cycling event.

Fort Calhoun athletes

Robert Hansen and Mike Huggenberger represented Fort Calhoun at the Cornhusker State Games.

Hansen earned first in a high power benchrest shooting competition, besting everyone in the 13.5-pound or less division.

Huggenberger, meanwhile, was second in the men's age 65-69 triathlon sprint.

Arlington athletes

Piper Nelson and Christine Vogt were the only two Arlington athletes to compete in the state games, according to the results webpage.

Nelson competed in the girls' age 7-8 shot put, claiming second, while Christin Vogt compete in powerlifiting. Vogt was third in the women's raw master 148-pound division.

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