Tami Wells put mugs associated with the Norman Rockwell Museum and Coca Cola glasses up for sale during Fort Calhoun's citywide garage sale.

The hauls were great enough during Fort Calhoun's annual citywide garage sale Friday and Saturday that classics and collectibles could still be found as the sales entered their final hours early Saturday afternoon.

From comics and artists to furniture and recreation, shoppers could find many items to add to their personal collections and homes.


An Arnold Palmer golf bag, adjustable high chair and Schwinn bicycles were on sale at Brenda Carson's sale Saturday. They were at bargain prices compared to the prices Carson said she found online for them.

Brenda Carson had an an Arnold Palmer golf club bag for $10 at her sale on Ninth Street, an item found for $70 online, she said. Next to the bag were two old Schwinn bikes.

"The girls bike I rode when I was younger," she said. "They have to be at least 1950. I don't know how old they were when my dad got them."


Shopper and seller bargain over a bike at a sale on Adams Street.

At sales on Adams and Eighth streets a few blocks away, game and old schoolhouse enthusiasts could find Perfection, a popping Milton Bradley board game created in 1973. There were also containers featuring classic depictions of DC Comics superheroes and fountain pen era school desks with ink well holders.

West, near a sale at the edges of city limits on County Road P39, an English document antique chest was for sale along with baseball and football cards as well as a Newsweek magazine from 1969 with a story about the moon landing on the cover.


Shoppers make their way toward a drunk stand and garage sale on 8th Street which featured numerous antique furniture items, including old school desks with spaces for fountain pen ink wells.

Tami Wells, who lives outside of the city, moved some of her items into Fort Calhoun for a sale on 16th Street shared with a friend. Friday morning was bustling, she said, when she sold a set of Native American plates and NASCAR memorabilia. A stream of lookers began to arrive early Saturday afternoon when Wells still had mugs associated with the Norman Rockwell museum depicting paintings by the artist on them. The mugs were passed down from her grandmother, she said.

"I just can't hold on to everything," she said, mentioning many of the collectable items she parted with over the weekend.

Carson said there's probably a lot of vintage, collectible things in garage sales people can find, fix up and sell for even more than they got them for. Things like four old travel trunks waiting for an offer in the back of her garage, trunks she said she could see coming down on a stage coach.


Old trunks for sale by Brenda Carson on Saturday. A small, unidentifiable painting could be seen on the lid of some of one of the trunks.

"The two bottom ones I rescued because they were going to a burn pile," Carson said. "The stories they could tell."

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