The Fort Calhoun City Council discussed the creation of a committee to review an annexation study completed nearly two years ago during its June 15 meeting.

The committee will consist of City Engineer Lucas Billesbach of JEO Consulting, Jeff Ray of JEO, Fort Calhoun Mayor Mitch Robinson, city council members Nick Schuler and Ritch Nelson and planning commission member Aaron Schrum.

Billesbach said a committee is not always used before suggestions of annexation come before councils or boards, but he said it would be prudent to have a smaller committee who are passionate about the topic review the study and make suggestions to the city council.

City Council member Bob Prieksat said it's important to consider the cost and benefit to the city and areas being annexed.

"What is the city going to get out of this, what is the city going to spend because the person wants to actually be annexed and wants us to build a street or an intersection or whatever," he said.

Billesbach said there may be some benefits to people living in possible annexation areas in relation to water or sewer rate reduction and for the city expanding its taxable land valuation.

"It's whether it makes sense," Billesbach said about determining if and where to annex.

The council approved the annexation study completed by JEO in November 2018. The study outlined 16 possible areas surrounding Fort Calhoun that the city could annex as city land. For each of the 16 areas, the study determined how much it would cost the city to annex the area, how much money the city could gain annually, when to annex and the utility expansion needed after annexation.

The approval of the study findings does not mean the city will annex any or all of the areas, though a few areas were labeled by JEO Consulting in 2018 as being possible right now.

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